Skills You Must Learn Regardless Of Your Major

The ultimate purpose of going to college for most people is to find out what you are passionate about, learn all about it to eventually earn a degree. Graduate from college and work in that field until you have developed a successful career in that profession. While this does happen to some people, most people have it work out exactly as they planned. 80% of college students will change their majors at least 3 times during their college years. Once you have graduated, the average person will change careers between 5 and 7 times throughout their working life. With the increasing career choices and advancing technology, approximately 30% of the national workforce will change jobs every 12 months. It is estimated that current college graduates will have had more than 10 different jobs by age 42. No matter how volatile the job market is and will become, there are certain skills that are necessary and crucial regardless of your degree and job.

Sales/ Marketing

It is crucial to develop professional sales skills. One of the most powerful abilities a person can have is to know to persuade and influence others to your way of thinking or get on board with your idea. Sales and marketing training is important for any business for managing a project or any interaction involving a product. Even if you are not graduating in a standard corporate degree like business or marketing. You must know those skills so you can market and sell yourself. You could be the very best candidate for your dream job in any field but if you cannot convince the right party of your abilities it is all for not. You are only as good as you can show and persuade others that you are. Whether you are studying business, art, dance or psychology, it will be crucial for you to know sales and marketing skills

Networking/ building relationships

Similar to sales, it is equally important to be able to grow your network and build real relationships. The old saying “it’s not what you know but who you know” still holds real validity today, the vast majority of people get their jobs because they know someone in the industry or the company who puts a good word in for them. All of the great “self-made millionaire’s” in history worked very hard and sacrifices much but all of them had contacts who would support them and back their cause. It is equally important to find mentors for anything you are involved in. You need to learn how to find yourself mentors with a career and life you want to emulate for your career and really anything else you want to be good at. Mentors and a willing network of people are truly the secret sauce for getting ahead in the world.


Maybe one of the most important things to understand but is not taught in college is a basic understanding of finances. There is little to no teaching in college about things like how to build credit and how to use it. Training about loans, mortgages and interest is void of college curriculums. Training about how to manage your personal finances in a way that keeps you out of debt and budget your spending. It is valuable to know different kinds of investment channels like stocks, real estate, commodities like gold or oil or even crypto-currencies. These are things you will deal with every day for your whole life. You might get some of this information if you are graduating in Accounting or Personal Financial Planning but most of it needs to be learned outside of the classroom.

Leadership/ teamwork

One of the most common traits employers reports they search for in a hire and for promotions is effective leadership skills and good teamwork abilities. It is great when you have someone who is a good leader but it is truly impressive when they can also be a part of a team and work with others under leadership. Many people are satisfied clocking in their time and just doing the work. Leaders put the work in and make a real difference in their career. Being a leader and an example in their workplace as well as someone who builds up others is someone who is valuable in the world.



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